Cloud Based Smart LED

Cloud Control Matrix Technology is used by GrandSigns so that customer will not face any delay in downloading or uploading content. The cloud is owned and maintained by GrandSigns.

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Content Creation & Designing

When it comes to the content, GrandSigns will be as creative as possible. However, don't let your core intentions fade out in the shadow of the ad content. Striking a balance between simplicity, yet creative complexity, is the most effective approach.

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Brighter LED Display

Brightness of light is usually measured in lumen's, or the total amount of light generated, The Outdoor LED has 6000K lumen's compared to 1200K for indoor lighting. The outdoor LED being bright has a visibility factor that can not be ignored by any person.

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Scheduler and Grouping

You can control the time scheduler day, week and month ahead of your promotions. The online access will let you upload and schedule from anywhere around the world.

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Increasing sales is all about visibility. Even if you have the best products or solutions on the market, you need a way to communicate their value to potential customers. Traditional advertising mediums, such as TV, radio, and print, can be expensive and have limitations when it comes to reaching your target audience.

Luckily, we have a solution that overcomes these challenges. Our electronic digital display system offers daily control, maximum visibility, and a direct connection to your target audience.

30% to 50% Sales increased for our clients
Who installed a Electronic Digital display system

Average Sales figures were taken from a sample client who provided us information

Synced Clustered Management
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To boost your sales, it's crucial to have visibility. Even if you have the finest products or solutions in the market, you need a medium to communicate with customers. However, traditional media such as TV, Radio, and printed materials come with their own obstacles in terms of cost, reach, and target audience appeal.

We can help you overcome these challenges with a solution that you can manage daily. Our system provides high-visibility that cannot be ignored, unlike fast-forwarding on TV. Most importantly, your product will be visible to your target customers.

Our clients who have installed an Electronic Digital display system have seen a 30% to 50% increase in sales. This data is based on average sales figures from a sample client who provided us with information.


Featured Products

Some of the features of the LED however not limited to.

Featured Products
Water Proof
Our signs are waterproof with an IP65 rating, and we thoroughly test the LED SMD before shipping to the client.
Power Supply
We use a robust and premium power supply for our signs, ensuring longevity and minimal downtime.
Brighter, High Contrast LED's
Our LED's are brighter with high contrast, and output trillions of colors from LED diodes, with a brightness of 6000K Lumen for optimal visibility.

Premium LED's
We use premium LED's for high density colors and a longer lifespan.
Amazing Features


Realtime Changes

You are in control of your content which CNA be changed in realtime through your online login.

Dual Synced

Multiple screens can be updated at same time without delay making customer experience better.

Dynamic Changes

You can make changes anywhere anytime. More than one devices are supported and content can be changed like the way you want.

Screen Scheduler

Your content can be scheduled according to your requirement and it will run automatically on your given time.

Cloud Based

We have our own cloud based solution so you don't have to depend on anyone else.

Online Storage

With our own cloud based solution, comes our online storage which can be used to upload images or videos.

Video Supported

Unlike other Providers, our Solution isn't limited to Images only, it supports videos too.

Energy Efficient

Panels are Energy Efficient which gives more value to your money spend on it. Its bright, visible and attract customers.

Unbelievable Services

Unlike Other Providers, We provide 24/7 Support, Best Prices, High Quality Display with is Bright, Crisp and Attract Customers. Some of our services are :

  • Cloud Based
  • Scheduler
  • Highly Customizable
  • Multi Timezone Support
  • Video Supported
  • Dynamic Control
  • No Delay
  • Easily Manageable
  • Best Prices
  • High Resolution
SMD Panel

Remote Changes

You are in control of your content which can be changed in real-time through your OnLine login. You can control any number of Grandsigns device with just one login.

Product Quality Assurance

Content Grouping

Run different contents on multiple group without any worries, we group your display according to your needs . You have full control on every group and there contents.
Content Grouping
Total Integrated Designing & Management

Total Integrated Designing & Management

We do turnkey Project, We do everything for you when it comes to Designing the content and Managing the displays. We have a designing and Management team around the clock to take care of your needs.

Synced Clustered Management

If you have many Display and need changes made according to the region or location in a time frame that where we use Synced clustered Management
Technology which can be scheduled weeks and monthly ahead.
Synced Clustered Management
Cloud Control Matrix

Cloud Control Matrix

Cloud control Matrix technology is used by Grandsigns so that customer will not face any delay in downloading content. The cloud is owned and maintained by Grandsigns.


Providing Best Value to customer's Money.
24/7 Support.



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